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Diving for Children

Watch your children play while learning how to swim as they indulge themselves to be comfortable around the water. Diving for Children is the right place to let your children have a taste of water adventure for the first time with an assurance of safety and fun.


Phuket Diving for Children

Children loves adventure as much as adults but the most prominent feeling is pure curiosity which is why Diving for Children has a lot of activities that is just right for them. The more they want to know, the more they can learn and being able to be around the water is just right for them.

Swimming is not the only activity available in Diving for Children course instead there are lots to choose from. These entertainments shall be a wonderful surprise for your little ones for their birthdays in order for their first time to be an amazing memory as they share it with their friends.

Diving for Children consist of PADI Bubble Maker, Kids Party, Padi Seal Team and a lot more.

What to expect

  • Fun filled surprise birthday in Kid’s Party
  • PADI Bubble Maker safe pool diving
  • Enjoyable AquaMissions to be played in PADI Seal Team
  • Reward the children with certificate of accomplishment

Why Diving for Children

  • Safety precautions are carefully being considered.
  • Scuba equipments fit for children for a better feel of Scuba Diving
  • Fun and Safe for Children

Course Prerequisite

  • 8 years old
  • Parents Approval

Get Started Today!

One of the crucial points of a child’s life.

Learning how to swim is an advantage especially since the world is covered mostly by water. It gives parents an assurance that their child is safe even if they are left alone beside the pool due to the fact that their li’l ones can float.

Diving for Children gives importance to the child’s welfare and also to their development which is why this course wants children to have fun while having the activity. Children’s stamina and energy level is different from an adult which is why it’s best to use those in their pool activity rather than to let them learn through books.

Although there are lots of circumstances in which the children wouldn’t want to part with the pool once they’re already in and they are also easily distracted it would be best to let them have fun.

Educationally Fun Activities are:

PADI Bubble Maker lets children experience scuba diving while using a suit that fits their size while Kids Party allows children to both have an atmosphere of having a pool party wherein they could swim while playfully partying.

In PADI Seal team, children are taught of diving skills and lets them experience an aquatic environment as they are given Aquamissions where children could fully enjoy as they create bonds through adventure.

Take Diving for Children today

Baht 2,900

Simply amazing! Will never forget the experience.... Me and my wife had great time... We did discover scuba diving and we feel addicted to it now..
TripAdvisor member since 2016 / Bubba Diving Phuket Reviews
“Amazing discovery day”
Wow...!!!! Just great, amazing and exciting. I went there with my son (almost 13) to interduce him scuba diving. We not went to the pool - yes, we went directly to the open water. My son was abit afraid to jump with all this weight into the water... but he did. After diving he didn't want to stop diving to...
TripAdvisor member since 2015 / Bubba Diving Phuket Reviews
This was the best thing we did in Phuket. Lexy and Neil did an excellent job of making all of us feel comfortable. I loved every moment of our experience. 3 out of 4 of us were beginners. By the end of the first dive, we all felt fairly confident thanks to Lexy and Neil Thank you Lexy and Neil!...
TripAdvisor member since 2016 / Bubba Diving Phuket Reviews

How to Sign Up

  1. Register Online and pick dates on our dive schedule
  2. Come down to Bubba Dive to make Payment
  3. Pick up your manual so you can start learning about Scuba Diving.

Whats next?

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Once you’ve got a better understanding of Scuba Diving, you can test it out at Scuba Diver where you’ll be guided accordingly together with a professional diver.

If you think you’re ready to take on the challenge of getting a certification then Open Water Dive is one click away from where you are.

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