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Anemone Reef

Anemone Reef is known as Hin Jom or in English Submerged Rock, the rock is just below the surface, it is located around 500m North of Shark Point. The pinnacle is 5-8m from the surface and drops off more dramatically to a depth of between 20-27 meters until reaching a bottom of sand.

Anemone Reef

"The marine life is excellent and attracts large fish passing by."

Although not as big or as colourful as Shark Point, the marine life here is excellent, and the Leopard sharks are often seen free-swimming at the top of the pinnacle in 6 meters of water. Sea Anemone’s that cling to the edges of this site are in huge numbers basically covering the majority of the rock.

This site also attracts snappers and groupers and attracts larger game fish like tuna and jacks, sometimes even larger pelagics can be seen passing by, the marine life is again in abundance here Visibility can vary from 5m-25m. Although conditions such as this are not what divers dream of when they think of the “perfect dive,” the amount of marine life more than makes up for it.


  • Sea or land transfers
  • Accomodation, if any
  • All meals


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  • Travel Insurance
  • Basic Equipment Rental
  • Course fee or instructors fee

Experience Diving in Anemone Reef

What you can see in Anemone Reef


Leopard Shark


Game Fish


Rock Surface

Best Time to Dive at Anemone Reef

Anemone Reefs are open all year round seeing since the tropical season won’t affect their magnificence as much as the cold season does. And with the tropical season comes two types of weather: Rainy and Dry seasons.

Although the best month to dive are from November to April since the water’s visibility is much clearer compared to other months. Still, there’s a possibility that a lot of tourist shall come to visit and if that doesn’t sit well with you then you can consider having a go from April to october but the water might become rough and the scenery might not be the perfect clarity to see the reef’s beauty.

Dry season starts from the month of January to April while rainy days often happens from the month of May to December. Although there are heavy downpours, rest assured that it would only last for about an hour or 2.

Reminder: December to January is peak season which is why it’s advisable to have a reservation.

Getting There

Starting from Phuket International  Airport, you can consider either having a slow paced or fast paced travel by deciding which transportation to use whether by bus or taxi. In order to see the Anemone Reef, your next destination should be on Ao Chalong and 26 km from there you’ll need to ride a boat to see the long awaited majestic view of the Anemone Reef.

Airport > Bus/Taxi > Ao Chalong >  Boat > Anemone Reef

Available Courses

Best Diving Season November and April
Weather Tropical
Water Temperature 26°C – 30°C
Marine Animal Highlights Leopard Shark and  Game Fish
Water Visibility 5 – 30m
Transportation Bus/Car, SpeedBoat, Yachts, Liveaboard

Experience Diving in Anemone Reef

Simply amazing! Will never forget the experience.... Me and my wife had great time... We did discover scuba diving and we feel addicted to it now..
TripAdvisor member since 2016 / Bubba Diving Phuket Reviews
“Amazing discovery day”
Wow...!!!! Just great, amazing and exciting. I went there with my son (almost 13) to interduce him scuba diving. We not went to the pool - yes, we went directly to the open water. My son was abit afraid to jump with all this weight into the water... but he did. After diving he didn't want to stop diving to...
TripAdvisor member since 2015 / Bubba Diving Phuket Reviews
This was the best thing we did in Phuket. Lexy and Neil did an excellent job of making all of us feel comfortable. I loved every moment of our experience. 3 out of 4 of us were beginners. By the end of the first dive, we all felt fairly confident thanks to Lexy and Neil Thank you Lexy and Neil!...
TripAdvisor member since 2016 / Bubba Diving Phuket Reviews
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